This year Dnonce Penang International Hiking Challenge event has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. !!!!!


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Penang State Government Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang
Majlis Sukan Negeri Penang Amateur Athletic Association
Penang Adventurers' Club Sin Chew Daily
Penang Port Sdn. Bhd. Brooks
Zaid Ibrahim & Co. Lonpac
Yu Tong Construction Maybank
Public Bank Eagle Brand Muscular Balm
Thin Seng Sauce Factory CSSB Outdoor Sdn. Bhd.
Outdoor Dynamics F&N
100Plus Nestle
The Gurney Hotel Eastin Hotel
Hike Enterprise Pewter Art
Danz Club Kaffa Kafe
The Red Crescent Polis Di Raja Malaysia
Ikatan Relawan Rakyat Malaysia


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Men International Open

Award Bib No. Name Time
Men Int Open - Champion 1372 Sammy Kiprop Kiptoo 0:44:05
Men Int Open - 1st Runner Up 1395 Simion Kipkorir Ruto 0:44:37
Men Int Open - 2nd Runner Up 1034 Bernard Mwendia Muthoni 0:45:22
Men Int Open - 3rd Runner Up 1231 Samoei John Krop 0:45:41
Men Int Open - 4th Runner Up 1213 Kipruto Rotich 0:46:19
Men Int Open - 5th Runner Up 1110 Elisha Kipchumba 0:47:41
Men Int Open - 6th Runner Up 1373 Samson Kiplagat Tenai 0:51:23
Men Int Open - 7th Runner Up 1273 Matianus B Baru 0:51:40
Men Int Open - 8th Runner Up 1393 Ooi Siau Tieh 0:52:12
Men Int Open - 9th Runner Up 1301 Mohd Haffis 0:53:12

Women International Open

Award Bib No. Name Time
Women Int Open - Champion 2113 Noor Amelia Musa 1:04:21
Women Int Open - 1st Runner Up 2026 Cheah Meei Meei 1:05:15
Women Int Open - 2nd Runner Up 2087 Ch'ng Lay Khim 1:05:32
Women Int Open - 3rd Runner Up 2166 Ng Sun Nee 1:09:16
Women Int Open - 4th Runner Up 2099 Loo Lee Chin 1:09:52
Women Int Open - 5th Runner Up 2086 Ch'ng Lay Hooi 1:13:53
Women Int Open - 6th Runner Up 2106 Chin Mei See 1:14:45
Women Int Open - 7th Runner Up 2185 Chow Yoke Mei 1:17:06
Women Int Open - 8th Runner Up 2153 Chan Siew Chooi 1:18:10
Women Int Open - 9th Runner Up 2125 Ow Ping Kwai 1:19:06

Men Veteran

Award Bib No. Name Time
Men Veteran - Champion 3136 Tung Chin Seng 0:56:40
Men Veteran - 1st Runner Up 3044 Ho Yney Khuen 0:57:13
Men Veteran - 2nd Runner Up 3079 Mohamad Bin Omar 0:59:52
Men Veteran - 3rd Runner Up 3084 Neoh Oh Goo 1:00:11
Men Veteran - 4th Runner Up 3113 TAN ENG HUAT 1:02:20
Men Veteran - 5th Runner Up 3031 Tan Ewe Chye 1:04:13
Men Veteran - 6th Runner Up 3072 Lim Teik Meng 1:05:34
Men Veteran - 7th Runner Up 3015 Ng Chai Kooi 1:05:45
Men Veteran - 8th Runner Up 3107 Leong Swee Kong 1:05:59
Men Veteran - 9th Runner Up 3131 Zulkifli Mat Zain 1:07:45

Women Veteran

Award Bib No. Name Time
Women Veteran - Champion 4013 Jenny Wong 1:12:37
Women Veteran - 1st Runner Up 4016 Lai Yook Ching 1:20:25
Women Veteran - 2nd Runner Up 4033 Tiong Tue Hwa 1:20:42
Women Veteran - 3rd Runner Up 4015 Kamala Devi a/p Kolanthai 1:22:10
Women Veteran - 4th Runner Up 4031 Tan Siew Suan 1:25:14
Women Veteran - 5th Runner Up 4030 Susan Ann Collins 1:27:56
Women Veteran - 6th Runner Up 4025 Shirley Teoh Beng Hong 1:32:14
Women Veteran - 7th Runner Up 4005 Kang Bee looi 1:33:30
Women Veteran - 8th Runner Up 4027 Ang Soai Ai 1:36:51
Women Veteran - 9th Runner Up 4004 Anjalai Deri a/p Karupiah 1:39:29

Boys Junior

Award Bib No. Name Time
Boys Junior - Champion 5006 Calvin Boon Chang Yik 0:52:44
Boys Junior - 1st Runner Up 5064 Muhd Muhsin Shanidan 0:53:09
Boys Junior - 2nd Runner Up 5052 Muhammad Firdaus b Abdul Rasid 0:55:09
Boys Junior - 3rd Runner Up 5079 Viswaram a/l Kaneappan 0:55:12
Boys Junior - 4th Runner Up 5001 Tee Aik Chuan 0:56:05
Boys Junior - 5th Runner Up 5038 Nick Ch'ng Jing Yang 0:56:48
Boys Junior - 6th Runner Up 5002 Ashvinder Singh a/l Sokdare Singh 1:02:01
Boys Junior - 7th Runner Up 5027 Harrivel a/l Suresh Kumar 1:03:59
Boys Junior - 8th Runner Up 5095 Lim Zi Kai 1:04:04
Boys Junior - 9th Runner Up 5060 Muhammad Azarudin Bin Abdullah 1:04:05

Girls Junior

Award Bib No. Name Time
Girls Junior - Champion 6001 Afina binti Azamin 1:28:09
Girls Junior - 1st Runner Up 6005 Bless Yeap Khoon Yin 1:28:46
Girls Junior - 2nd Runner Up 6008 Yu Dechen 1:31:39
Girls Junior - 3rd Runner Up 6024 Rosmaliliyanti bt Rohaidi 1:36:53
Girls Junior - 4th Runner Up 6020 Nursyahirah bt Abidin 1:36:57
Girls Junior - 5th Runner Up 6017 Mashni a/p Nilamani 1:39:20
Girls Junior - 6th Runner Up 6016 Loggeswary a/p Muniandy 1:43:51
Girls Junior - 7th Runner Up 6022 Rebecca Priya a/p Soma Sundram 1:48:45
Girls Junior - 8th Runner Up 6003 Amanda Boon Min Wei 1:54:18
Girls Junior - 9th Runner Up 6013 Joyce Lee 1:58:52


The D’nonce Penang International Hiking Challenge 2012 (Hiking Challenge) is the inaugural hiking challenge to be staged in Penang, Malaysia on 22 April 2012. This event is jointly organised by D’nonce Technology Bhd, Penang Adventurers’ Club and the Penang State Government. The Hiking Challenge is open to all Malaysians and residents and other international participants.

April 22, 2012 is also Earth Day. For more information please go to
P/S : Registration closing date has been extended to 12apr2012


The objective of this event is to promote the vast/network of hiking trails in Penang domestically and internationally and to foster and encourage hiking as a popular and healthy outdoor activity. Hiking Challenge endeavours to encapsulate the objective. 


This annual Hiking Challenge shall be divided into 2 separate categories:
1) Competitive Hike; and
2) Fun Hike.

Category 1 - Competitive Hike
Under this category, the route shall provide a challenge for the participants to contest with each other their ability to surmount, overcome and navigate through various difficult types of terrains and natural obstacles along the route.
Category 1 shall be divided into:
- Men and Women International Open (20 -49 years) 
- Veteran Men and Women (50 years and above)
- Junior Boys and Girls (13-19 years)

Category 2 - Fun Hike
This category is less challenging than the Competitive Hike and will normally be easily traversed by social or casual hikers, including the uninitiated. It is open to families and individuals above the age of 13.

The routes for the Competitive Hike and the Fun Hike respectively shall differ every year from the previous ones to make the Hiking Challenge more interesting and an opportunity to explore new routes among the vast hiking trails in Penang. Depending on the location where the event is to be held, there may be limits to the number of participants for the Competitive Hike so as to preserve as much as possible the habitat, terrain and natural environment of the trails. Qualifying times shall be set for the categories for the award of certificates and medals and to qualify for lucky draws for those participants who completed the event within the time set.


Open to Malaysians, residents and international participants.


The Hiking Challenge 2012 will be held as follows:

Date:         Sunday, 22 April 2012.
Time:       7.00 am
Venue:    Taman Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (Penang Youth Park), Penang, Malaysia.
Coordinates:    5° 25.767'N, 100° 17.850'E

Location Map:


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